Annual CFANS Training for Agricultural Fields and Plot Workers

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Who Must Complete CFANS Safety Training?

All University faculty, staff, students, student workers, and volunteers who work in agricultural fields/plots or greenhouses are required to complete safety training as described below. This includes all campuses, ROCs, and elsewhere.

When Must These Individuals Complete Training?

Training must be completed prior to being allowed to work in these environments and at least annually thereafter.

Who Provides This Training?

Representatives of University Health and Safety provide this training, free of charge.

Is There a Difference in Requirements for Agricultural Fields/Plots Versus Greenhouses?

Starting this year, yes. Greenhouse workers face fewer hazards than agricultural field/plot workers. Thus, their training needs are simpler. Starting this year, separate training will be provided for these audiences.

Which Training Should I Take?
If you, or the employee in question . . . Then you, or that employee must complete . . .
ONLY works in a greenhouse
  • Greenhouse training, or;
  • They may substitute the agricultural field/plot training, but this training is longer and covers hazards not faced by greenhouse workers.
ONLY works in an agricultural field/plot Agricultural field/plot training only
Works in a greenhouse AND an agricultural field/plot. Agricultural field/plot training onlyThere is NO NEED to take the greenhouse training, too.

Will Attending These Sessions Satisfy ALL Training Requirements for ALL Employees

Not necessarily. These sessions address topics that apply almost universally to everyone who works in these environments. However, there may be additional requirements, depending on the individual’s responsibilities. For instance, Agricultural Tractor Operators, or Respirator users. At the individuals’ request and as time permits, training on these topics may be offered at the conclusion of the sessions listed above.

Also, this training will not cover training requirements not related to safety, such as ROHP or other requirements.

How Do I Enroll or Register for the Classes?

We recommend that you enroll in the session you wish to attend by signing up through our Qualtrics registration form. The registration links in the sidebar will also take you to this form.

You may also attend without enrolling, but we will have no way of contacting you in the unlikely event of a course cancellation, location change, or other change.  

How Will Completion of This Training Be Documented?

During each training session, each participant will sign an attendance roster. This information will be imported into Canvas, which is the University’s new Learning Management System, replacing ULearn.

Will This Training Be Available Online?

Initial “New Employee” Training

Individuals taking this training for the first time MUST attend one of the live sessions. Exceptions may be made only in cases of extreme infeasibility or impossibility. In these cases, the individual must view a recording of the presentation, in its entirety, online, once it becomes available, later this summer. This must be proctored by the employee’s supervisor.

Refresher Training

Individuals taking refresher training are strongly encouraged to complete their refresher training by attending a live session, but will be permitted to meet their training requirements by viewing a recording of the presentation, in its entirety, online, once it becomes available. This must be proctored by the employee’s supervisor.

What About the Individual Online Modules for Agricultural Tractors, Respirator Protection, and Other Individual Topics That UHS Has Allowed to be Used in the Past? 

Those online modules were always intended only as an absolute last resort. They did not include all of the topics included in the sessions described above. Since UHS intends to make a recording of these comprehensive, live presentations available online starting this summer, there is no need to utilize the individual topics at all.

Is UHS Willing to Provide Training for Small Groups, for Instance, My Lab or Department?

Yes, but a minimum group size of 12 is requested.

Who Can I Call With Questions?

Please contact UHS at (612) 626-6002 or