Biological Safety in the Laboratory

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UHS Provider Department/Division

Biosafety and Occupational Health


Anyone performing research that requires IBC review


Once prior to beginning work in the lab

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Course Description

This training module provides an overview of the information you will need to stay in compliance with the policies and requirements of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and the University's Biosafety Program. After completing this training, you should understand:

  • The classification of biohazards and the measures that laboratories must take to mitigate these risks
  • The role of University committees and departments in the review and audit processes
  • Safety practices you will have to employ in the laboratory

Also provided in this module are fact sheets and links to resources you may want to print or bookmark for future reference.

This training will cover:

Biohazards and Risk Groups

    • What is a biohazard?
    • Categorization of biohazardous agents

Biosafety Oversight

    • Who is involved in the oversight process and what is their role?

Biological Safety in the Lab

    • Sharps safety
    • Laboratory equipment: 
      • BSCs, autoclaves, and centrifuges
      • Biohazardous waste and decontamination
    • Emergency procedures
    • Additional training and other resources