Chemical Safety

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Lab & Research Safety


Anyone performing research in a U of M laboratory



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This training is required by law for all University staff, faculty, and students who work in laboratories or research areas. This module fulfills part of the New Employee Research Safety Training requirement. It is highly suggested that you first complete the Introduction to Research Safety module before taking this training. Because of the unique way chemicals are used in research and development laboratories, you are the person most responsible for your health and safety in the laboratory. See the Lab Safety Training page for additional details. This training is provided by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS).

Research and development laboratory work differs from other work situations that involve hazardous chemicals in four ways:

  • The quantity of each hazardous chemical is typically small
  • The variety of hazardous chemicals used is often large
  • Experimental procedures can generate new and unexpected hazards
  • The manner in which chemicals are processed can vary from day to day