Chemical Waste Management

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Regulated Waste


Anyone performing research in a U of M laboratory



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Course Description

This training is for University staff, faculty, and students and provides the information needed to dispose of hazardous chemicals in a way that is safe, will protect the environment, and is in compliance with all federal and state regulations. This training does not cover general safety practices you must follow when handling any form of chemicals. You will need to take the Chemical Safety Training if you need this information (such as how to select the correct protective clothing, or how to write a safe standard operating procedure). This training is provided by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS).

This module covers:

  • the reasons you should—and must—dispose of waste properly and who is here to help you
  • the tools you need to accurately evaluate the hazards of your waste
  • the safe and compliant practices you must follow when collecting hazardous waste
  • the hazardous waste labeling requirements
  • appropriate preparation of waste for pick-up