Considerations for Office and Facility Sunrise Plans

General Considerations

  • Work from home whenever possible
  • Wear cloth face coverings when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain or if required by your building/unit
  • In person meetings should only be conducted if the space can accommodate proper social distancing with all meeting participants
  • Review requirements of your building/work unit before starting work (e.g. elevator or bathroom restrictions, traffic flow considerations, social distancing measures in your office, etc.)


  • Lunchrooms are open for single person food preparation. If social distancing of 6 feet can be maintained there may be more than one person. The lunchroom is not for gathering. 
  • Lunchrooms are not included in the FM cleaning schedule. Users should clean surfaces they will use with EPA approved disinfectant wipes before use. If disinfectant isn’t available, wash your hands after touching common surfaces.
  • After food preparation, consume food in an area that allows for social distancing of more than 6 feet. Possibilities include:
    • Eat outside
    • Eat in shifts
    • Bring a cooler and eat lunch in the car

If you or your employee becomes ill with COVID-19 (or a suspected case)

  • Report it to your supervisor and follow their directions regarding self quarantining. Supervisors should contact their department HR for instructions.
  • Fill out an Electronic First Report of Injury (eFROI) only if your case of COVID-19 is suspected to be a work-related exposure.

If there was a confirmed COVID-19 case in your work area