COVID-19 Workplace Safety Training and Resources

The University of Minnesota follows guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Follow the guidelines outlined in the Sunrise Plan or from your college/department/unit leadership as you return to work.

University Health and Safety’s role is to support the UMN community in their return to work by providing training, reviewing “Sunrise Plans”, and providing interpretation of guidelines set forth by the CDC and MDH. Below are some UHS resources that may help you in developing these plans.

Contact your Research Safety Partner or Workplace Safety Partner with questions. If you are unsure of your partner, contact the UHS main office at 612-626-6002 or

Disclaimer: Please check CDC, MDH, and UMN Safe Campus frequently as requirements are evolving. Be sure that your area protocols reflect the current recommended best practices.

Sunrise Safety Plan Approval

Those who may not fit neatly into Sunrise Plan categories, but have developed a personalized “sunrise safety plan” unique to their work environment, must have the plan approved by University Health and Safety. Send plans that require UHS review to

Modifications to Work Areas

Modifications to individual offices or workstations are not permitted unless an assessment from University Health and Safety deems health habits and other measures described in this plan are insufficient to promote a safe work environment. 

Respiratory Training

University Health and Safety staff are available to provide training on respiratory etiquette for units or individuals who are at a heightened risk of exposure. Visit the Respiratory Protection page for general respiratory protection training.

Cleaning After a COVID-19 Case in the Workplace

If a case of COVID-19 has been reported in your work area, follow the guidance in the Cleaning Work Areas Occupied by a Covid-19 Case Guidance Document. Contact University Health and Safety at 612-626-6002 with additional concerns.

Report a Concern

If you have a safety concern, you can submit a Safety Concern Form or contact us at 612-626-6002.

Additional Resources

Here is a list of resources used to help us determine guidance regarding COVID-19 response.