Working with Toxins of Biological Origin in the Laboratory

Course Format

Online or in-person

UHS Provider Department/Division

Biosafety and Occupational Health


Anyone performing biologically-derived toxins research in a U of M laboratory



Registration Information

Online: Register for Working With Toxins of Biological Origin in the Laboratory.

In-person: In-person training can be arranged by contacting the Biosafety and Occupational Health Department.

Course Description

This training is for University staff, faculty and students and provides the information needed in order to use biologically-derived toxins in a way that is safe, will protect the environment, and in compliance with federal and University requirements. The training includes a PowerPoint presentation and a final quiz.

The presentation covers:

  • the basic knowledge of biological toxins
  • the role of IBC and DEHS in the use of biological toxins
  • the development of lab specific Standard Operating Procedures for the use of biological toxins
  • the standard practices you must follow for toxin work
  • emergency procedures
  • federal and University requirements for work with select agent toxins